Three cleaning tips for cleaning a flat screen TV

Flat-screen televisions have become the focal point of most homes. Whether you use yours to watch your favourite soaps in the evenings or for movie nights at the weekends, you’ll surely agree that it’s rather off-putting when you can see that the television needs a good clean! The machines can gather the likes of dust and fingerprints – two things that can distract you when you’re watching the screen. Of course, the technological factor – as well as the price – means people are often afraid to clean their flat-screen televisions. If this includes you, then here are three cleaning tips to help you out.

Use water and vinegar

Certain products have been known to damage the screen, including those that feature ethyl alcohol, ammonia, ethyl chloride or acetone. Therefore, steer clear of these and create a solution made up of water and vinegar. This will do the job when it comes to removing marks, while at the same time reducing any possible damage to your television. Thankfully VA Cleaning are always keen to tackle a wide variety of domestic cleaning jobs in York, as well as provide the equipment to do it.

Be very gentle

We’re usually taught to have a firm hand when it comes to scrubbing things and making them clean. This isn’t advisable when it comes to your flat screen television though. If you press down too hard then you could inadvertently cause the pixels to burn out. Every precaution should be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen because it could seriously damage the machine and make it unwatchable.

Turn it off

It’s often the case that people first notice that their television needs a rubdown when they’re sat watching it. As a result, they tend to the cleaning then and there. In actual fact, you’ll be able to see more dust and marks on the screen when the television is turned off. Due to this, never forget to flip the switch before rolling up your sleeves.

Still unsure?

If you’re hesitant to clean some parts of your home because you’re either worried you’ll cause damage or do it incorrectly, then you can always call in the experts. We’re confident we can help you out in a whole manner of ways when it comes to keeping your home spotless, so be sure to get in touch with us at VA Cleaning.

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