Welcoming a lodger? You’ll need your home cleaned from top to bottom

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to welcome a lodger or tenant into their property. After all, it’s a good opportunity to make the most of your space and make money at the same time. You will, of course, need to take steps before welcoming someone into your home. In particular, you will need to clean the property from top to bottom. This isn’t just to attract a tenant in the first place, but to ensure that everything is smooth sailing from day one. Let’s look at three things you stand to gain from cleaning your home before welcoming a lodger.


Your home becomes a business of sorts when you have a lodger. This means that you should take steps to ensure that your customer (in this case, your lodger) remains completely satisfied. It’s understandable that someone might have second thoughts whether they should have moved in if they see that your property isn’t spotless. It might cause them to make new living plans – in the process leaving you out of pocket.


It’s simply good manners to make your home look pristine before welcoming someone into it – even if they are there for the long term! If you don’t, you could find that your relationship starts off on the wrong foot. This isn’t practical, especially when you both have to share a living space and should want to uphold a positive atmosphere.


You will certainly want your tenant to treat your home with the respect it deserves. Sadly, this becomes unlikely if it appears that you don’t take pride in the appearance of the place anyway. You could inadvertently set a bad precedent where it’s acceptable to not scrub the toilets or clean the oven for weeks on end. Of course, these are jobs that can be done by a domestic cleaning company before your lodger even arrives.

Take action!

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