Three tips for dog owners desperate to keep their home clean

A dog can bring you so much joy. However, your four-legged friend can also make it particularly difficult to keep your home clean. You shouldn’t, of course, just accept that your property will never sparkle quite like those of your friends and family. Instead, the right cleaning tips should ensure that you can be both proud of your home and your hound. Let’s take a look at three simple ways you can have a dog and keep your property clean.


The average dog can have about 15,000 hairs covering each little inch of its skin. Sadly, at times it can feel like there’s more on your carpet! The trick is not to let the hairs accumulate because they can then be treaded from one room to another. A vacuum cleaner is the number one tool you’ll need at your disposal, but a broom might be handier if you’ve got hard surfaces.


The doorways at the exits of your house are likely to be problematic areas thanks to your dog. Every time your dog goes outside – whether it’s for a walk or to do its business – there’s a risk of what it will bring in on its paws. You should pay close attention to these areas because they could require special attention, perhaps from a domestic cleaning service.


Your house is at risk of omitting an undesirable odour thanks to your pet. While you might be used to it, you should always factor in how the scent can hit visitors. The main place that odours cling to are carpets and upholstered surfaces. If you want to neutralise these trapped odours then try sprinkling on baking soda to break up the smell before using the likes of a vacuum or cloth.

The experts can help!

It’s usually more convenient and efficient to leave the cleaning to the experts when you want your house to sparkle. Therefore, don’t wait to get in touch with the team at VA Cleaning.

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