Could a clean home improve your romantic life?

A clean home isn’t just easy on the eyes, it can also improve your personal life, professional life and even your romantic life. If you’re feeling unlucky in love and are keen to turn things around, you could make strides in the right direction simply by making your home sparkle. Whether you decide to tackle the job yourself or enlist the services of one of the premier domestic cleaning companies in York, let’s look at three ways a spotless home could actually lead to an improvement in your romantic life.

Frame of mind

A clean home is your path to a clear and positive frame of mind. This is because a lack of cleanliness has been found to bring on negative feelings, such as stress and depression. You should ultimately find yourself in a much better headspace to lock down a possible partner and immediately impress them with the most positive version of yourself when you’re living in a clean home.


You can experience deflated energy levels when you’re constantly in an unclean space. In particular, excess clutter in the bedroom can make it difficult to get an adequate amount of sleep – ultimately meaning that you regularly feel tired and fatigued during the day. You do, of course, need heaps of energy if you’re to put yourself out there and find a match.


Did you know that people are biologically attracted to those who look healthy? This is according to research published in Insider, which found that those in good health are more likely to find a mate. Unfortunately, your chances of maintaining good health are slim when you’re not living in pristine conditions. A dirty oven, for example, can carry large amounts of harmful bacteria just waiting to hit your immune system.

Love is in the air!

You’ll be missing a trick if you insist on living in an unclean home while looking for love. After all, the problem can go away in an instant once you’ve got in touch with the team at VA Cleaning. We’ll leave your property looking spotless and better prepare you to enjoy the romantic benefits.

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