Three surprising perks of regular vacuuming

We all know that vacuum cleaners are designed to keep our carpets looking pristine. This, however, isn’t the only advantage of using one. In fact, there is a wide range of benefits that come from regular vacuuming – many of which might not have crossed your mind before! Whether you’re trying to get into the habit of using your vacuum more often or whether you’re entertaining the idea of using a domestic cleaning company, here are three surprising perks of regular vacuuming.


The dust, dirt and other unpleasantries found on carpets aren’t just hard on the eyes. Instead, they can also cause a rather odious smell. This can occur gradually and – while you might become used to it – it can hit others the minute they walk through the door. Thankfully you’ll be taking steps to vanquish some unwanted scents when you’re in the habit of regularly cleaning your carpets with a vacuum.


Carpets can really trigger a person’s allergies if they are left untended to. This is true when there is excess dust, but also more often when there’s been a build-up of animal hair in pet-owners’ houses. You just can’t take the chance, especially if you don’t want to spend your days sneezing and dealing with streaming eyes. Instead, just allow the vacuum to pick up all these triggers before they can hit you.


Have you ever heard of a carpet beetle? Well, that’s just one of the many creepy crawlies that can be attracted to your home when you’ve not been vacuuming. Spiders, we’re sorry to say, are the other main insect that is likely to take solace in your home if the carpets aren’t spotless. Don’t worry, anyone who wants to keep these bugs away can do so simply by ensuring their carpets receive regular vacuuming.

Do you need a hand?

Thankfully you don’t need to tend to your own carpets. After all, you can always leave the task to VA Cleaning. Our team are skilled at tackling a whole manner of cleaning jobs in York, so don’t wait to get in touch if you’re ready to enjoy these surprising perks of regularly vacuuming.

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