Making Christmas dinner? It could be perfect – but only if you clean beforehand

Christmas dinner is a big deal. In fact, it’s fair to say that it’s the most important meal of the entire year! This is, of course, all the motivation you’ll need to make it perfect for you and your family. Unfortunately, you could be setting yourself up for failure if you haven’t taken a number of cleaning-related precautions before the big day. With this in mind, let’s look at three cleaning tips that will ensure your nearest and dearest are safe before, during and after you’ve served up Christmas dinner.


You’ll no doubt be keeping ingredients in your fridge before December 25. What could go wrong? Well, a lot actually. If your fridge isn’t pristine then it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. Needless to say, this can pose a huge health risk to you and your family – especially when it comes into contact with the likes of your turkey or vegetables before they go into the oven. Therefore, be sure to clean your fridge from top to bottom!


If you manage to keep your fridge in a squeaky clean condition, then your next step is to do the same with the oven. Much like the fridge, it can also contain health-threatening bacteria. In addition, you could find that your oven doesn’t work as well if it’s not clean because parts such as the element could fail. This could mean that your food doesn’t cook properly and could cause food poisoning. It can be difficult to clean an oven, so your safest bet would be to enlist the services of a domestic cleaning company.


A lot could still go wrong even after you’ve served the food from the oven. Just consider, for instance, the crackers. The goodies that fly out of these could end up on the floor, which – if they aren’t mopped or vacuumed – could be full of filth. You obviously won’t want someone to be wearing a paper hat if it’s come into contact with something gross on the floor, so make sure your floors have been cleaned beforehand.

Be safe, not sorry

Christmas dinner could be perfect this year – but only if your house is clean! Therefore, be sure to enlist the services of VA Cleaning. We’ll make your home sparkle so that you can focus on making the most scrumptious – and safe – meal possible.

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