Three reasons to wear rubber gloves when cleaning

Rubber gloves are far from an on-trend fashion accessory. With that being said, one of the best cleaning tips you can receive would be to invest in a pair. This is particularly true if you’re about to turn your attention to your bathroom or kitchen and are keen to do a good job. Yes, the gloves are far from stylish – but they do have a number of far-reaching benefits. Let’s take a look at three reasons why you shouldn’t be without them when cleaning.


Your gloves can shield you from some of the unpleasantries that your hands could otherwise come into contact with when cleaning. Take, for instance, when you’re cleaning the bathroom. It’s guessed that there could be about 34,000 units of bacteria in the toilet alone. If this comes into contact with your bare hands, it only increases the chances that you could ultimately end up falling ill.


You risk causing yourself harm if you don’t wear rubber gloves. This is most likely to happen when you’re using bleach or other cleaning products that contain chemicals. In some cases, you can suffer a burn, which – aside from being painful – could also make it difficult for you to carry on with the task at hand. There’s also no guarantee that further health problems won’t arise, such as if the wound gets infected.


You might think that you’ve got naturally good grip but this can all change when your hands are wet or doused in certain substances. Without a decent level of grip, it becomes all the more likely that the cleaning will take longer and be less efficient. Meanwhile, rubber gloves are designed to uphold a firm grip no matter what substance they come into contact with.

You have options

Of course, if you don’t want to use rubber clothes then you can always call in the professionals. VA Cleaning can tackle everything from your bathroom to your kitchen – and we’ll even provide our own rubber gloves! This means that you can devote your time and attention to other matters in the knowledge that your home is being well looked after.

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