A clean keyboard is essential – whether at home or at work

It can be rather easy to forget about your keyboard when it comes to cleaning your home. After all, more often than not we tend to focus on problem areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, your keyboard – whether it’s part of a laptop or computer – can be the filthiest thing in the house. In fact, Which? magazine has previously reported that a keyboard can actually be home to more bacteria than a lavatory seat. Needless to say, this means it deserves your attention – or the attention of a domestic cleaning service – sooner rather than later. Let’s look at three things that can happen if your keyboard isn’t cleaned.


You’ll more than likely be coming into contact with your keyboard on a daily basis. This means that your hands are likely to pick up some of the bacteria found on the keys. This is a recipe for disaster, making it all the more likely that bacteria will enter your body and take its toll on your immune system. Therefore, you can expect a variety of illnesses if you don’t take action.


It might seem like quite a strange notion that your keyboard could begin to smell if you don’t clean it. After all, this isn’t the case with your other electronics – right? Well, the keyboard works a bit differently. It’s possible for things like crumbs to become lodged between the keys and remain out of sight. These can, of course, begin to rot. The smell might not be room dominating, but it should be unpleasant enough for you to get a nasty whiff from time to time.


A keyboard that’s not cleaned for long periods of time can eventually end up with reduced effectiveness. In particular, some keys might become stiff, especially if there have been spillages that haven’t been cleaned up properly. Dust can also be a hindrance, which can mean that the keys sometimes don’t respond when tapped.

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