Three tips for cleaning the limescale from your showerhead

The average showerhead gets used at least once a day. In fact, if you have a big family it might be in action much more often. This is all the more reason for you to be worried if you look above and see that it’s full of limescale. It’s not just that it’s a rather unsightly substance to see, but also that the notion of it dropping on you or your family during a shower is quite unpleasant. Yes, it can be extremely hard to clean – but it is possible to do. Therefore, let’s look at three cleaning tips for tackling the limescale on a showerhead.

Act fast

You really haven’t got any time to waste when it comes to cleaning the limescale off your showerhead. Even when you put its unfortunate appearance to one side, there’s still the fact that it can cause damage to your showerhead and leave it unable to function properly. After all, limescale is responsible for making the water trickle out rather than spraying your body. Therefore, act fast and regularly.

Dry off

It’s a minefield trying to clean your showerhead when you’ve not given the area time to dry off. First of all, you risk falling and possibly injuring yourself when you’re stood on wet ground. In addition, a wet surface will either wet your feet or make any of the stuff attached to them (for example, dust from the floor) stick to it. This means the entire place ends up becoming messier as a result of your untimely efforts.

Think smart

Showerheads can be tricky to handle, especially when they’re fixed to the wall. Therefore, rather than struggle trying to clean them for several minutes, you should think about tying a shower cap full of a cleaning product (possibly white vinegar) around the area. Once it’s soaked into the limescale, it should make the area easier and quicker to rub down before moving on.

Let us help

Showerheads are tricky to clean, so you’re always welcome to enlist help. Thankfully, you need look no further than the expertise of VA Cleaning. We’re happy to do the job for you, so be sure to get in touch.

Photo: showerhead by gfairchild licensed under Creative commons 2

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