Three tips for mopping the floor

Mopping the floors isn’t the most exciting task, but it’s certainly one of the most necessary. Whether you’ve noticed that dust and dirt have stared to accumulate or whether someone has walked something in from outside, you need to be armed with a mop if you’re to once again have squeaky clean floors. There is always, however, a how-to guide attached to your mop when you buy it. Therefore, let’s look at three tips to take onboard when mopping the floors in your house.

Sweep the area

Your mop is designed to rub off certain substances like mud or spillages. However, there are other things that will be on your floor that it won’t be equipped to tackle. This can include small pebbles, broken glass, hair or even threads of fabric from your clothes. You’ll need to sweep all these kinds of things into a dustpan before beginning to use the mop.

Ring it out

You should initially dip your mop in warm water before ringing it out slightly. This will ensure that it’s not saturated in liquid when you start mopping the floor. You might think that there’s no such thing as too much water, but you’ll soon change your mind when it’s pooling in your kitchen or bathroom. As well as being less effective, it also extends the length of time a room takes to dry.

Head to the door

You should start away from the door and then work your way towards it by done small, repetitive strokes. Eventually you’ll find yourself in the door way and can move onto your next job while waiting for the water to dry. The alternative would be to have to walk back over your handy work, which could either make your feet wet or – if you’re wearing shoes – once again mess up your floors.

Need more help?

Whether you’re keen for more great cleaning tips or whether you simply want to enlist the services of a professional team who will be able to tackle the cleaning in your home for you, be sure to get in touch with VA Cleaning.

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