Five areas we bet you haven’t cleaned recently!

Think you’re on top of the housework? Home in pristine shape from attic to cellar? Maybe not! There are certain areas which tend to be frequently overlooked, even in the smartest homes. If you think you’ve got your cleaning routine down to a fine art, take a minute to check through our five danger areas which are often neglected. Number four, in particular, can be a real health hazard if you don’t keep on top of it! These cleaning tips will hopefully ensure your home remains as hygienic as possible.

1. Behind the kitchen taps/mixer

You may be scrupulous about rinsing out the sink and polishing up the taps, but what about the area immediately behind the taps or mixer? All too often, those vital few inches can be overlooked, or afforded a token wipe over. Unfortunately, the potential for damp and small crumbs of food from the washing up may make it an attractive breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. Don’t risk it! Use a cloth and some cleaner to restore your behind tap area to its former glory.

2. Curtain tops

Just like any other surface, curtain tops can attract dust, grime and cobwebs. Just because the dirt isn’t immediately visible, doesn’t mean to say it’s not there. As part of your weekly cleaning routine, it’s helpful to dust along the top of the curtain or use a small vacuum head to suck up any dirt.

3. Lampshades

Because we tend not to look up at lights, it can be the case that lampshades are left to collect dust for absolutely years before they get a well-deserved clean. Take a look at yours now to see if a wipe down is needed.

4. Light switches, door handles and power points

How often do all members of your family touch these? How often are these thoroughly cleaned? Need we say more? Make anywhere that grubby fingers touch a priority for your cleaning.

5. Behind the loo!

In a repeat of the “behind the kitchen taps” issue, “behind the loo” can also be a sadly forgotten area. Don’t be that neglectful cleaner! It’s nothing some bathroom cleaner and a soft rag won’t fix!

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