Two big cleaning tips to avoid succumbing to the flu

Flu season is in full swing between December and March, according to Bupa. This means that you’re never more likely to catch it than you are right now. This, of course, is a scary thought – but there is something that you can do about it. A clean home ensures a strong immune system, ultimately meaning that your body is better equipped to fend off illness. While a domestic cleaning service can do the job more efficiently than anyone else, sometimes people want to take a stab at doing it themselves. The following cleaning tips can help you to avoid succumbing to the flu.

Do protect yourself

While you might not contaminate yourself with the flu as you clean your home, you can pick up other ailments. This will largely happen when you come into contact with bacteria, perhaps in the kitchen or bathroom. This can weaken your immune system, in the process making it more likely that you’ll fall victim to the flu. The best way to avoid this happening is to protect yourself when cleaning. This means wearing gloves. Once you’ve removed these, you should still wash your hands thoroughly, as well as any other body parts that might be carrying bacteria.

Don’t exert yourself

Ideally, the whole house needs to be squeaky clean to give yourself the best chance of avoiding getting the flu. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should over-exert yourself. If you work too hard – perhaps making yourself tired and achy in the process – you’ll become weaker. Ultimately, this means that your home might be sparkling but you are more at risk than ever of getting the flu. Therefore, be sure to tackle the job in small shifts and don’t forget that there’s always expert help at hand should you need it.

Better safe than sorry

Fear not, you’re best equipped to avoid the flu if you have a clean home but don’t actually do the job yourself. That’s where we come in. VA Cleaning is happy to make your home spotless, so be sure to get in touch for more information.

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