Are you in the habit of cleaning your radiators? You should be…

The vast majority of people rarely spend time thinking about the upkeep of their radiators. This is despite the fact that they’re a permanent fixture in every home, being seen in spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. The question is: are you in the habit of cleaning your radiators? If the answer isn’t an immediate ‘yes’ then it’s possible that you’re unaware of why this could be a problem for your home. Let’s look at why it’s important that you regularly clean your radiators.


The way radiators are designed means that they’re more likely to attract dust than possibly any other area of your house. This is because when hot air begins to rise from the device, cold air immediately rushes to fill up the space where it used to be. It acts as a vacuum of sorts, attracting huge amounts of dust, hair and other dirt particles. This dust will look unsightly and can spark a person’s allergies.


Excess dust can also affect the function of your radiator. When it builds up in between the fins of the device, it can prevent the heat from escaping at the pace that it should. Ultimately, your radiator will have to try harder to do its job, which – as well as taking its strain on the mechanisms – also means that your house won’t be heated in the way that you’d expect it to be.


A well-heated home isn’t just important for comfort, but also for general cleanliness. Radiators play a vital role in ensuring the ventilation of a room, playing a key part in assisting properties to avoid both damp and mould. If your radiator isn’t clean and can’t perform its job adequately, then it might result in further issues with cleanliness throughout your home.

What can you do?

There are certain cleaning tips which you can adhere to, including cleaning your radiator regularly and thoroughly with a duster. It’s often more worthwhile to call in the experts though. VA Cleaning can tackle the job for you – as well as any other parts of your home – if you get in touch to enlist our services.

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