You could be ageing prematurely if you’re not cleaning correctly

You might think that you need cleaning tips to ensure that your home is immaculate. However, the benefit of good advice actually stretches much further than just having a pristine property. Take, for instance, your appearance. You should know that if you’re not in the habit of cleaning your home correctly then it could lead you to age prematurely. After all, no one wants to have unnecessary wrinkles or lines! Now – as you consider bringing in a professional cleaning company – let’s look at three ways you could accelerate the ageing process by not cleaning your home in the right way.


It’s well-established that stress can speed up the ageing process. In a nutshell, this is because cell growth is limited when a person is put under pressure – causing a lack of elasticity in the skin. Let’s say you’re not clued up about how to vacuum in a way that’s quick and efficient. You could find the entire experience rather stressful, and – if you’re vacuuming as often as you should be – this can begin to take its toll.


You should know exactly which products you should and shouldn’t handle without the proper gloves. This is because certain products, such as bleach, can be extremely detrimental to your hands. As well as the likelihood that even small doses can irritate your hands, over long periods of time it’s possible that the solution can break down the tissue and make your hands more susceptible to ageing as a result.


Did you know that an unclean home can cause problems with sleeping? This is more likely to happen in the bedroom, especially if there’s clutter. This is why you should stop things from piling up and being left in a corner when they should really be organised and put away. After all, a good night’s sleep is essential to ward off the signs of ageing – so you could be doing yourself a disservice if you’re still allowing clutter.

It’s not worth it!

Cleaning can be hard enough without having to suffer the signs of ageing as a result. Therefore, you’re right to be thinking about enlisting the services of VA Cleaning. Let us do the job while you sit back in the knowledge that it’s being done well (and with zero impact on you!).

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