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Builders Clean York

While some cleaning companies in York might give your building the quick once over, at VA Cleaning, we don’t just clean. We care.

Our business is ensuring your business looks, feels and smells pristine, and we undertake every task with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that your company presents itself as an attractive, hygienic and welcoming place for customers and employees alike.

Builders Cleaning York

Whether you require daily office cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning or a complete bespoke building cleaning service, our highly-trained specialists will provide your business with their undivided attention and will go to lengths no other commercial cleaners in York will.

With fully customisable cleaning plans tailored to your requirements, our cleaning team will work around your staff to ensure maximum cleanliness with minimal disruption. No time is inconvenient for VA Cleaning, and we’ll endeavour to accommodate even the most technical cleaning demands on the tightest of schedules without any fuss.

Our Previous Work

CSCS Cleaners & Cleaners Delivering Quality Cleans with Experience and Care.


Our fully insured CSCS & Cleaners bring their kits, clock in digitally, and meticulously check every detail with a customizable checklist. Your satisfaction, is our priority.

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