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Simplify Your Space

Here at Simplify Your Space, we help people create beautifully calm, inviting environments that promote better health and wellbeing.

Inspired by the explosive success of social media cleaning gurus such as Marie Kondo, Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon, we offer a range of bespoke solutions to help you smarten up your space and eliminate mental stressors.

Rest assured, if you are feeling overwhelmed by mess or clutter in your home or workplace, our friendly team can offer you a helping hand.

Transform your space and take back control with our range of strategic organisation and cleaning services. Read on to discover a little bit more about what we do.

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Treat your home to some kindness

Your home should be a safe haven of comfort and tranquillity – a place where you leave your worries behind. When you step through your front door, we want you to feel happy, relaxed and secure.

For many people, life is busy and complex. If you have a large family to look after or a hectic work schedule, you may find that household chores pile up. If you find yourself stressed out by lots of mess and clutter, don’t worry – you are not alone.

We can offer you guidance and a helping hand in cleaning up. Our magic touch will help you create a calm, organised home, allowing you more time to relax and have fun.

Simplify Your Space specialise in providing professional organisation and cleaning packages for domestic environments. We offer a variety of home cleaning services, from deep cleans and decluttering programmes to touch-ups, quick fixes and more.

Whether you want to overhaul your entire house or focus on a particular room such as your kitchen, nursery, home office, bathroom or children’s room, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Breathe new life into your workplace

Your workplace should be a clean, tidy space that supports focus and productivity. When your employees walk through the door, we want them to enter a safe environment that puts their wellbeing at the forefront.

Workplace mess has a detrimental impact on company output and career performance. Cluttered desks, cramped coffee stations, overflowing filing cabinets and out of date storage systems make it difficult for staff to do their jobs to a good standard.

Our professional team specialise in working with businesses to create beautifully tidy workplaces that maximise efficiency. If you feel like you’ve let standards slip, we can help you declutter, clean up and create efficient new storage solutions, giving you more time to focus on achieving success.

Whether you want to revamp meeting rooms, re-organise reception areas or pay special attention to high footfall zones, Simplify Your Space offer tailor-made packages to transform all kinds of work environments.

We’re here for you

Why not give yourself the gift of more time to focus on things that matter and get in touch today? We can provide an initial quote based on your particular needs.

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