Businesses often plough money into the likes of marketing, advertising and skilled staff because these things reflect well on their brand. The question is: why aren’t companies then spending just a fraction of this cost to keep their workplace clean? After all, a tidy and well cared for office is an extension of a brand and it can, therefore, drive business. Here are four positive messages a clean office sends about your brand.


Nobody wants to be associated with a business that doesn’t take pride in itself. Sadly, this is how it will appear if you’re boasting big profit margins but not providing a clean space in which staff can work. Thankfully you can send the message that you care about the whole business – from top to bottom – if you’re able to keep the workplace clean as you hit new heights.


People – whether prospective staff, clients or visitors – will get a good sense of what your business is about just by seeing the workplace. So what message does it send if it’s not squeaky clean? Needless to say, people will get the impression that you’re struggling to cope with the basics – and as a result, this will cloud their overall judgement of your company.


Never underestimate just how much a clean office can extend the ethos of your business. If you want to be seen as welcoming – both in terms of clients and new ideas – then your workspace should convey that same message. A clean office tells people that your company is approachable and comfortable, not a place that you should be concerned about visiting.


No amount of clever marketing can make up for an unclean office. In fact, if you want to come across as forward-thinking and sleek – as most companies do – then the best way to do this is by starting with your office. Just think how a gleaming workplace can reflect well on people’s overall perception of what you bring to the table.

Build your brand today!

Your brand can take the next step simply by having a sparkling office. If you’re looking for a company that offers premier office cleaning in York, look no further than VA Cleaning.

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