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Cleaning insurance

We understand being in your personal space whether that be at home or at work can be a little daunting in the first instance.  Therefore to give you peace of mind, all services provided by VA Cleaning is covered by our service guarantee and fully insured for accidental damage to property. Our combined General and Employer’s Liability insurance is provided by Gleaming Insurance. The limit of General Liability cover is £1,000,000 and Employer’s Liability limit cover is £5,000,000.
We have insurance cover for:

• Damage to Property Being Worked On

• Treatment Risks

• Loss of Customer’s Keys

• Financial Loss (sustained by our customers)

• Losses from fraud & dishonesty

• Failure to Secure a Customer’s Premises

• Unauthorised use of telephones

• Criminal Defence Costs

CSCS Cleaners & Cleaners Delivering Quality Cleans with Experience and Care.


Our fully insured CSCS & Cleaners bring their kits, clock in digitally, and meticulously check every detail with a customizable checklist. Your satisfaction, is our priority.

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