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Covid 19 fogging and cleaning – York

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Covid cleaning York

Electrostatic Sprayers are the latest and best enhanced technology worldwide and have now been universally recognised as the new best way to apply chemicals to help fight the current covid crisis and beyond. Electrostatic sprayers and enhance the performance of both the Sprayer and their Fluids. The key benefits of this are;

• Latest Electrostatic Wrapping technology
• Sanitising medical grade service
• ECO Friendly
• Liquid Adhesion and Coverage
• Peace of mind
• Safer play and working environment
• Reduce staff sickness level
• Reduce cross contamination
• Helps fight against all known viruses
• Prevent bacterial build up
• Touchless disinfection application
• No bleach, No chlorine, No odour, No solvents
• 5 times Faster than traditional methods and effective
• EPA and EN approved

Covid cleaning

What does Electrostatic mean?
Electrostatic machinery works by providing an electric charge to the highest medical grade antibacterial antiviral solution. The solution exceeds all current standards and kills all known viruses and helps reduce risk of viral infection. It is designed to save time, spray less liquid and cover more surfaces than any traditional cleaning method could do.

How does it insert charge into the liquid?
As the technology provides an electric charge it makes the solution wrap in a conductive magnetic way around all surfaces, this positively charged solution then spreads itself evenly over all neutral and negative surfaces (which all surfaces are either negative or neutral) and doesn’t build up in any area because it conducts itself evenly. This fuses itself to into gaps, on top, underneath and around all surfaces. This simple and effective consistent spraying procedure has a high degree of persistence which keeps fighting bacteria in between reapplications.

Is the spray environmentally and humanly safe?
The spray comes out almost dry to touch and It is also certificated and EPA, EN approved. Its food safe and can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. This is very friendly with no bleach, no chlorine, no odour, no solvents. We just apply lightly with the electrostatic sprayer and walk away allowing the chemical to dwell and kill over a few minutes and it then gives a degree of persistence on the surface, so it carries on killing and protecting. This is ideal for Offices, Commercial Buildings, Homes, Shops, Cafés, Restaurants, Takeaways, Holiday Lets, Hotels, Gyms, Schools, Classrooms, Nurseries, Dental and any mixed shared environments. This technology is fast and can fully sanitise a large building within 20 to 50minutes.

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