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Floor Cleaning York

Commercial floor cleaning in York

After months or years of heavy use, even commercial flooring can become soiled to the level where simple hoovering or mopping is ineffective – and that’s when you require some real expertise. The VA Cleaning team utilise a variety of specialist techniques tailored precisely to your floor type to ensure that carpets are shampooed and returned to pristine condition in next time no time, and hardwood flooring becomes as smooth and shiny as the day it was laid – without compromising on safety.

In fact, our bespoke floor cleaning in York can:

• Increase the life of your commercial flooring
• Make your floors safer
• Improve the hygiene of your premises
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Increase employee morale

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Our fully insured CSCS & Cleaners bring their kits, clock in digitally, and meticulously check every detail with a customizable checklist. Your satisfaction, is our priority.

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